Hosted by: Jeff Crume
First Aired: Friday 10/19/18
Guests: Rebecca Ciastko, Laleh Hanks, Rich Gaines, Kimberly Whitfield

Value of Design, Business Practice, Tax Savings Opportunity

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Host: Jeff Crume

For more than two decades, Jeff has been inspiringencouraging, and empowering people to hold on to their dreamsdiscover their true potential, and live life with purpose and passion. Jeff’s timeless messages of hopefaith and destiny have been heard by millions from around the world. His infectious zest for life, charismatic personality and compassion for humanity has made Jeff one of today’s most influential and memorable speakers. Jeff credits much of his success to his early association with his mentor, Jim Rohn, and his years spent comforting the dying and grieving as a Hospice Chaplain.

Guest: Laleh Hanks

Laleh Hanks’ career began in sales right out of college. Since then she has been elbow-deep in the mortgage and real estate markets as a broker and direct lending manager. Realizing that most people do not have the information they should about some of the most important financial decisions they will make she was inspired to create America Choice Benefits. America Choice Benefits is a large group of professionals who come from many industries who want to educate and share their knowledge so that people can better reach their dreams. Her other endeavors include Country Coast to Coast (CC2C) and Hacienda Star. She is heavily involved in her San Diego community supporting nonprofits and producing concerts and fundraising events since 2015. 

Guest: Rebecca Ciastko

Rebecca is a Realtor, Architectural Designer and Strategic Consultant. She helps investors, real estate agents and homeowners maximize profits through the value of design. She currently works with Canter Brokerage & McKenna Real Estate Group.

Career Highlights:
Project Architect and Design Manager for the San Diego Regional Airport- Quieter Home Program. Principal of IHA- InHaus Architecture- Responsible Design for Real Estate Investment & Development Founded Madcap Moguls- A think tank utilizing design to solve real world problems.
Volunteer experience with various Homeless outreach organizations, Habitat for Humanity and the Boy Scouts of America.


Guest: Rich Gaines


Rich Gaines is the owner of Legacy Legal, Inc., a leading business, tax and estate planning firm in North San Diego County. Rich has an advanced degree in tax law and a 30 year career as a tax attorney and advisor. His mission is to expand the way people think and talk about wealth not only in money, but in values, beliefs and traditions. His vision is for everyone to have a legacy that will make them proud.

Guest: Kimmberly Whitfield

While Kimberly Whitfield’s passion for making a noticeable impact in the world began long before, she launched her renewable energy career in 2015 when she partnered up with the founders of Powur, PBC. Powur is a Public Benefit Corporation with a proprietary technology platform that is shifting an entire industry. Similar to the way Uber transformed the entire transportation industry with a technology platform, Powur is enhancing the solar industry. The Powur platform connects the best in class local solar installers with homeowners looking to get an educational experience around solar. Not at all your typical sales experience with a solar company directly. A concierge-approach, with no additional cost, to the best quality solar installation at the best prices. When utilizing an Advisor on the Powur platform, a homeowner can really take their renewable energy journey to the next level.

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